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Additional Services Offered
Behavioral management

Families of young children sometimes need extra support when it comes to managing behaviors which are disruptive to daily family life and relationships with siblings, friends and family. Our Special Instructors can help parents with management ideas, information and resources how to help your child and help you help your child manage their behaviors. Often our Special Instructor will work closely with our other therapists if the behaviors seem to be based in frustrations related to communication, mobility, or feeding problems, or if related to sensory processing problems.

Feeding Therapy

We provide Feeding Therapy through our Occupational Therapists when a child is hyper- sensitive or not sensitive enough to tastes and textures of foods interfering with your child’s ability to eat a variety of nutritious foods. Our Speech Therapists work closely with you and your doctor when your child has problems controlling food in their mouth and swallowing safely without choking or aspiration.

Processing problems

There are many methods to working with processing problems. Some methods work on general sensory integration (your child’s ability to accept different types of touch, see things well and perceive depth and background, distinquish among sights, sounds, touch and other sensations when all presented at the same time, the ability to hear and interpret what is heard). One method uses music on CDs which have been especially formatted. This “Listening Therapy” can be useful for children who have auditory processing problems. Another may use a very fine-tooth brush to help increase awareness of touch. Many of these methods which are used to help improve processing are very appropriate for children who have Autism and related spectrum disorders and it is usually an Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist who traditionally use these methods to work on processing problems.

Therapeutic Listening

We provide a vast Resource Library for parents and a Listening Lending Library for children who are using the Therapeutic Listening Program. We pride ourselves in maintaining the most cutting edge-treatments and therapies. We know that entrusting anyone with your child’s future is a big decision, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask questions.