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Occupational Therapists

Kyra K., MOT, OTR/L has been working in early intervention for the past 3.5 years since graduating and has always had a strong passion to work with kids, especially the birth to 3 population. Kyra also has experience with outpatient services in both a clinic setting and a daycare for medically fragile children. Kyra enjoys helping children with feeding/oral motor difficulties, fine motor delays, and sensory processing and works closely with families to determine the best strategies that will work for them.


Hannah C., MS, OTR/L, has been working in early intervention since graduating in 2015. After a three month rotation, she knew her heart was with the pediatric population. Hannah loves working with children and their families and finds it gratifying to see their progress. Hannah works closely with feeding delays and sensory integration and also has experience with motor planning, autism, fine motor delays, and more.


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