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Occupational Therapists

LaurieLaurie Tabacheck, OTR/L, has a great background in working with autistic children as an OT, as well as, from her previous career as a TSS. Laurie is certified in Therapeutic Listening, which is used to improve processing skills of children, often a difficulty for children with autism, through use of modified sounds and music.

ErinN2Erin Naggy, OTR/L, practicing as an OT since 2000, Erin has always worked with children . In Early Intervention she has provided therapy for children with processing problems, autism, fine motor developmental delays , feeding problems and in many other areas. “I appreciate that first and foremost we are about helping families. I like that the focus is really on the people we are helping. The people I work with are great. I love working with children and their families. I feel we are making the world a better place, one family at a time.”

Kelly PresselKelly Pressel, OTR/L, has been an Occupational Therapist for 13 years. Most of her career has been spent working with children. Kelly has experience working with children with sensory processing difficulties, fine motor delays and autism. “I love working with children and helping families accomplish their goals!”

JodieJodie Orowitz, OTR/L, has been a pediatric OT for 12 years. She has outpatient, school based, and early intervention experience. She has been working in early intervention since 2008. The birth to 3 population has become her passion. Jodie has a strong background in helping children with feeding and sensory processing difficulties. “There’s nothing more rewarding than working with children and families in their home and seeing change occur where it matters most.”

hannahHannah Carlson
, MS, OTR/L, has been working in early intervention since graduating in 2015. After a three month rotation, she knew her heart was with the pediatric population. Hannah loves working with children and their families and finds it gratifying to see their progress. Hannah works closely with feeding delays and sensory integration and also has experience with motor planning, autism, fine motor delays, and more.

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